International Day Against Gender Violence

This a video created with some photos from this celebration at IES Mediterráneo in Spain.


Children Rights Day

It has been celebrated in our schools this day with a lot of activities. Here we are two videos about the activities carried out at IES Mediterráneo in Spain.



Our winner Logo

Here we are the winner Logo. Congratulations, Paula Otón. She has been the author of this wonderful logo which has won our Logo Contest.
Paula Otón is a Spanish Student at IES Mediterráneo (Cartagena) in Spain.


Here we are the Trieste Agenda for our next meeting in Italy. We are looking forward to arriving there. TRIESTE AGENDA

Calendar for the 1st Term

Calendar Comenius BIH


Logo dates postponed

Unfortunately the logo contest deadlines published on our website had to be postponed because they have been proved not to be adequate. We have decided to choose the logo in our next meeting in Trieste.
Anyway, it is important to upload the logos to the web so, please, send them as soon as possible.


As stated in the first term quarter, all associated centers will do activities with our students to become aware of both dates and fight for the rights of children and battered women.

These are some suggestions of activities we will discuss in Trieste Meeting.

Children's Rigths Day

Gender Violence Activities

Welcome to our partners

This is our new blog that aims to be a window of our activities and a tool for the dissemination of our project.
We will publish here our tasks, photos, presentations and all the material which helps us to spread our project.
We count on the participation of all partners and we hope that our collaboration will be fruitful and we finally achieve our goals.

Our projects starts

The Comenius programme, as a part of the Lifelong Learning Programme,  seeks to develop knowledge and understanding among young people and educational staff of the diversity of European cultures , languages and values. It helps young people acquire the basic life skills and competences necessary for their personal development, for future employment and for active citizenship.
Our project is included in this programme with the title "Believing in Humanity" and intends to promote educational activities that lead to the formation of attitudes and behaviour based on respect for nature, human rights, social justice, peace culture, rejection of violence, equality and respect between sexes and prmotion of civic and democratic values.